Motivation for Kids

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday! 

It is the weekend and I hope you had so much fun! 

I love Sundays in my house because it is a day that totally revolves around family! 

We get to all be with…

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The Feeling Of Friday

Happy Friday! 

The day that everybody waits for! 

Everybody wants to have Friday! 

Why do people love Friday so much?

Not because it is the end of the school week and because the weekend is…

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Why Are Wednesdays Special?

Good morning! 

Happy Wednesday! 

It is Wednesday! 

"Hump Day!"

The Middle Of The Week!

Not as serious as Monday and not as fun as Friday.

It's not as relaxing as the weekend.

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It is Monday! 

It is my favorite day of the week! 

Most people, especially most kids, may disagree with me! 

And not for any really good reason! 

We are taught a lot of times because…

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Planner Tips For Success

We are just four days into the new year and I am already having SO much fun! 

I am thinking about everything I want to do and everywhere I want to be and how it is my job

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New Year. New Goals.

New Year. Same Me.

Different Goals. 


I am so excited for 2019! 

Last year, I was able to accomplish every dream I set out to! 

Can you believe it?

I can.


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Role Models

Role models are something that I take very seriously.

I have always been attracted to goal setting and being a #goalgetter from a very young age (even before kindergarten!) and I had to make sure I surrounded myself…

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I have been singing and dancing my whole life.  I have been dreaming about being a performer every single night.  I believe dreams come true, only if you work to make them happen.  I know if you have the vision and work ethic anything can happen.  My goal is to spread the message to all kids, DREAM BIG and work hard to always be your best.  Have clear goals and focus on moving toward them everyday! :) XOXO